Fiberglass fabrics mesh filters for aluminium filtration

Fiberglass Fabrics Mesh Filters for molten aluminium filtration and distribution

Fibrete® aluminium filtration E-glass Fiberglass Fabric filter is specially developed and used for filtration, turbulence reduction and flow distribution improvement of non‐ferrous alloys especially the molten aluminum. The product is weaved from E-glass fiberglass yarn with various finishes and has extensive forms. It could be used for most aluminum refinery and castings filtration application, benefitting low turbulence and minimizing oxides film generation. It could be in forms of rolls and sewn bag, cut pieces, molded items etc..

Fibrete® is proved to be very effective for molten metal filtration in almost all types of aluminium foundries including sand, permanent mold, shell, die casting and investment castings, and it will be optimized choice to improve casting quality by using the fiberglass fabric mesh filters.

Fibrete® is the most economical material for the filtration and distribution of molten aluminium alloys.

Fibrete® will never contaminate molten aluminium. In this way, the job to recycle the sprue, gate and risers is very easier to handle, as there is no treatment at all and just remelt it in furnaces.




  • Green sand casting aluminium filtration
  • Modified DISAmatic casting 
  • Core package casting 
  • Gravitydie casting 
  • Low pressure die casting
  • High pressure die casting
  • Vacuum die casting
  • Squeeze casting 
  • Thixocasting 
  • Vacuum riserless casting 
  • Lost foam casting

Foundry Molten Metal Filter Fiberglass Fabric Mesh Filter

Uncoated fiberglass fabrics mesh filters in rolls


Coated fiberglassfabrics mesh filters in rolls


Soft and rigid fiberglass fabrics mesh filter bag & combo bag


Fiberglass fabrics mesh filter plain cut peices


Molded fiberglass fabrics mesh filter for permanent castings


 Molten aluminium filtration

Fiberglass fabrics mesh filter for riser or gating removal