Sewn Fiberglass Fabrics Filter Bag and Combo bag For Aluminium Filtration and distribution


E-glass Fiberglass Fabric Mesh filter is specially developed and used for molten aluminium filtration , turbulence reduction and flow distribution improvement. The product is weaved from E-glass fiberglass yarn with resin coating.Rigid and with brown color or black color (smokeless treated). Glass cloth filter bag and combo bag are made for molten filtration of aluminium ingot and slab.


Glass cloth filter bag and combo bag for molten aluminium filtration, aluminium ingot and slab.


Cost effective abd easy to use

Sufficient stiffness to ensure even molten aluminum flow

Good chemical resistance to the molten aluminium

Certain amount of deformation to accommodate the change in flow direction

Smokeless and non-toxic behaviour at molten metal temperature



During aluminum casting, it is common practice to use the filter bag made from the heat-resistant glass fiber fabric, in order to filter the molten aluminiuim that is being poured through a spout, and to distribute it all over the mold surface. The shapes and dimensions of the filter bag depend on the molding technology and the casting parameters.Presently, there are mainly two different types of bags used in the aluminium metallurgical industry.

The first type of bags include bags of large sizes that are made of a fine mesh glass fiber fabric. These bags are often called "channel bags" . The channel bag in the form of a rectangular pan which is made of an open weave heat-resistant fabric, preferably an open weave fabric made of glass fibers, whose purpose is to let the molten metal flow down into the mold. The pan is provided with reinforcing bands or areas made of adense heat-resistant fabric. These reinforcing areas extend over the bottom and some portions of the sides of the pan and gives extra-strength and rigidity to thebottom of the pan. The bag can be attached under the pouring spot with a set of rods inserted into hems provided for this purpose on the lateral sides of the pan.

The second type of bags used in the industry include bags of much more complex structure, which are made of several parts of fiberglass fabrics sewn to each other. These bags called "combo bags" in the industry,are usually smaller in dimensions than the channel bags and mostly used with automatic casting control. 

Aluminium filtration filter bag and combo bag

  • Yarn type: E-glass fiberglass
  • Coating: With phenolic resin coating
  • Working emperature: 700- 900℃
  • Weave type: Leno & plain
  • SiO2 content:  ≥58%
  • Width per roll: 0.93m/1.0m  ± 1cm
  • Length per roll: 100m/150m/200m
  • Hole size (Mesh opening): 0.8-3.0mm
  • Weight: 150-330g/m2  ± 10%
  • Thread per inch: Warp & Weft 5-20
  • Loss on ignition: ≤3%
  • Thickness: 0.35-0.6mm