Molten metal filter - High silica fiberglass fabric mesh filters

Fibrete® Refractory cloth filters

High silica fiberglass mesh filter is weaved by high silica fiberglass yarn and coated with special refractory coating. 

It can effectively remove slag, refractory particles and non‐metallic inclusions from molten metals. Made from specially treated silica yarns, the silica mesh filters are capable of withstanding pouring temperatures up to 1620℃. 

Silica mesh filters are ideal for in‐mold filtration of gray, malleable, white, compacted graphite and ductile cast irons, as well as non‐ferrous aluminum and copper‐based metal alloys and many types of small scale steel casting filtration. Besides the function of molten metal filters, It could also be used for riser knock‐off or de‐gating knock‐off. Investment casters have also placed the preform cup shape filters in the wax mold gating system to filter metal at pattern entry.


• Cost effective and easy to use, easy fit existing pattern equipment

• Eliminates inclusions created by ceramic chips

• Improves metal fluidity and distribution, reduce turbulence

• Removes micron sized inclusions and impurities

• Minimize gating system to reduce cost

• No need for pre‐Heat, non‐chilling

• Unique function as riser or gating parts knock‐off removal


Silica fabric mesh filter in roll


Uncoated silica mesh fabric can be used as molten metal filter when transfering molten metal from furnace to foundry ladle, cost effective.

Rigid silica mesh fabric filter cut pieces


Cut pieces of rigid molten metal filter silica mesh fabric filters can replace foundry ceramic foam filter in most small and medium castings filtration.

Silica meshfabric filter for riser or gating part removal, easier knock off


Unique function of molten metal filter silica mesh fabric filters, help to remove riser and gating parts, save the foundry castings cleaning cost. Ceramic foam filters can not help on this.

Silica mesh cup filter for investment castings filtration


Investment castings cup filters to replace expensive zirconia ceramic foam filters, easy to use and cost effective.