Quality control


ISO9001:2015 certified enterprise

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems.

 All products are following National Standards on foundry filters and ceramic foam filters.

How we make quality ceramic foam filter and fiberglass fabric MESH filteR

How we ensure the filters quality

NINGXIN  has a unique inside quality control flow that give it a distinct  advantage over other foundry filter suppliers, which enabling us to  deliver the highest available quality of foundry molten metal filters.  Founded by a renowned leader in molten metal filtration industry and  with a team of experts in the field, NINGXIN provides extensive and  unmatched filters design and application information for its customers,  generating huge casting industry filtration cases and data. 

To  ensure the consistant filter quality, NINGXIN employs the best  technology available today. The company focuses on quality and quality  control from beginning to end. The result is unsurpassed quality, and it  starts with experience and Quality Control. We have made simulated  pouring testing and analyzed over 190,000 samples out of produced  various types of filters. Rich experience and strict quality control  standards enable us to achieve the filters quality which is the hallmark  of the company.


Unique Formula

We use the unique formula based on many years of R&D and experience, the refractory and strength of our filters are improved greatly and this result the best protection on filters effectiveness.


 ISO 9001 Certification promotes the development of continual improvement, risk reduction, customer satisfaction and traceability through the implementation of various management system processes. 

5S on site management

The foundry ceramic foam filter production process involves mant steps of treatment, with various kind of raw materials, with 5S on site management, each production site is clean and in good order, which improved our efficiency greatly.

TQM executed

TOTAL QUALTY MANAGEMENT covers the whole process from material entry to finished products delivery.

Third party analyse and check

Work with National Refractory Reserch and Development Center on ceramic foam filters

Co-work with institution

Hebei Science and Technology Instituation, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institution, on new recipe of ceramic foam filter.

Quality inspection and experimental equipment


Inspection equipments for ceramic foam filters

  • 2 x Medium frequency electric furnace 200 kg: mainly used for melting high temperature metal solution, and conducting extreme high temperature solution impact test on the filters
  • 2 x Ceramic bending test machines: detecting the room temperature compressive strength of the filters
  • 3 x Muffle furnaces: detecting thermal shock resistance of the filters
  • Digital viscometer, slurry hydrometer: testing the feeding and stirring process during the production process
  • Glassware for balance and chemical experiments: used to check the filter mass, bulk density, and drainage method to verify the porosity

Third party inspection

The filters products are inspected by Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute or other refractory inspection agencies every three months. 

Experimental development equipment

  • Electron microscopy: check the uniformity of the distribution of the filter surface components.
  • High-temperature load detector, etc.: used for inspection of data such as deformation and expansion at high temperature of the filter.
  • High-temperature spectrometer, fluorescent X-ray: Check the composition of the filter.
  • Digital Viscometer, Slurry Hydrometer: Tests the development of slurry and mixing process.
  • Bench Drying Box: Simulate the working principle of the drying workshop to dry the experimental product.
  • R&D production line: a production line dedicated to the development of new foundry filter products.
  • Small shuttle kiln: used to develop product sintering.