SIC (Silicon Carbide) Ceramic Foam Filter

Silicon carbide ceramic foam filter for grey and ductile iron castings filtration

Sic (silicon carbide) ceramic foam filters of NINGXIN are developed and manufactured for the filtration of cast iron and non ferrous alloys. As the most advanced filter type with the higher filtration efficiency, It can effectively reduce inclusions and turbulence of molten metal, ensuring purified molten metal goes into the mould cavity with improved flow rates.

Using the unique formula and manufacturing process, NINGXIN sic ceramic foam filters have the excellent thermal shock, chemical and high temperature resistance up to 1500°C.


  • Grey iron castings
  • Ductile iron castings
  • Malleable iron castings
  • Non ferrous castings aluminum, copper and bronze alloys


Sic ceramic foam filter advantages

NINGXIN Sic ceramic foam filter product features

  • Precise sizes control on ceramic foam filters
  • High strength with multi-impregnated slurry and free from loose debris
  • Branded main raw materials to ensure stable quality
  • Good porosity and free from block during pouring molten metal
  • Mature sintering technology to ensure high refractory and good thermal shock resistance


Sic ceramic foam filter specification

Sic ceramic foam filter technique data


Ceramic foam filter main material: Silicon Carbide

Max. applied temperature: ≤1500℃

Color: Gray black

Hole density (PPI):10/15/20/25/30 (PPI=pores per inch)

Porosity(%): 80-90

High temperature bending strength(Mpa): ≥2.5

Bending strength(Mpa): ≥1.5

Compressive Strength(MPa) : ≥1.0

Bulk Density(g/cm3): 0.4-0.5

Thermal shock resistance: 6 times/1100℃-room temp.



With round, square and rectangle shape.

Size tolerance: ‐1.5~0mm(size under 100mm) ; ‐2~0mm(size above 100mm)

Pore size: 10/15/20/25/30PPI 

Pore Tolerance: ± 2PPI


For Gray Iron: Max. filtration weight can be calculated based on Filter area(cm) x 4

For Ductile Iron: Max. filtration weight can be calculated based on Filter area(cm) x2