Molten metal filter silica mesh for riser or gating parts easily removal

Greatly reduce the castings cleaning cost

At present, in the foundry production, the cleaning process of casting risers is labor-intensiveand low in mechanization. Many castings cleaning are mainly made by manual operation such as hammering or grinding wheel cutting. At the same time, operators face certain threats in safety and health, such as vibration, noise and dusty environment. If equipped with a professional special pouring riser removal device, there is no small investment in cost.

For most small and medium-sized castings, with the method of placing a high silica fiberglass mesh filter in the gating system, the molten metal can form an easy section at the placement of the mesh, which can effectively help to remove the risers. The molten metal filter silica mesh filter has a thickness of less than 2mm and is easy to place. It has the characteristics of high strength and good thermal shock resistance. It can be made into various shapes and sizes according to actual requirements. The foundry filter can also play the filtering role.

Silica mesh filter cut pieces can be placed in various parts of the gating system, such as the bottom of the riser, the sprue, the ingate runner, especially the end of the gating system. The easy-cutting piece can create a section at the position where the metal liquid is solidified, and the position of the section can be broken by the impact of a small impact force such as a tapping or a falling machine easily. In this way it can hep to remove the riser, reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Mechanical hammering can be used to remove the riser, significantly reducing the cost

Significantly reduce the labor intensity of removing the riser and improve the working environment

Compared with other ceramics, sand, limestone and other refractory materials, the riser is easy to cut, the cost of glass fiber easy to cut is lower

Silica mesh filter will not change the composition of the molten metal and cause any contamination. The pouring riser with the fiber mesh can be directly remelted to the furnace. At the same time, after the furnace is returned, the mesh floats on the surface of the molten metal, which is easy to remove.

The grid structure covers the entire section, making the disconnected separation surface easier to level, eliminating the threaten of castings damage and reducing the workload of polishing and cleaning the riser.

For large castings, it can avoid local cracks generated when the gas is cut into the thick root of the casting.