Silica mesh filter in roll for metal casting filtration

High temperature filtration fabrics for molten metal

High silica fiberglass mesh is weaved from high silica fiberglass yarn.It can effectively remove slag, refractory particles and non‐metallic inclusions from molten metals. Silica mesh are capable of withstanding pouring temperatures up to 1620℃. Silica mesh filters are ideal for in‐mold filtration of gray, malleable, white, compacted graphite and ductile cast irons, as well as non‐ferrous aluminum and copper‐based metal alloys, and many types of small scale steel casting filtration. It could also be used for riser knock‐off or de‐gating knock‐off. Investment casters have also placed the preform cup shape filters in the wax mold gating system to filter metal at pattern entry. Impregnated with special refractory coating, it could be with various product forms and used for many applications.

The soft uncoated or half rigid thin resin caoted silica mesh fabric can be used with great flexibility. It can be shipped and storaged in rolls and users could cut it freely. The flexibility also ofer the various application especially on out-mold filtration, like to be used on launders, furnace sprue, ladle transfer. It can also be combined into the gating system or cores.

Mesh size available: 1.5x1.5mm, 2.0x2.0mm, 2.5x2.5mm, 3.5x4.0mm


Silica fabric cloth

Cost effective

Silica mesh filter is applicable for non ferrous and ferrous molten metal filtration.

Easy to use

Cut and fix, like the fishing net, for molten metal filtration.


Silica mesh filter is soft and easy to be used with tools in any places.