Coated Fiberglass Fabric Foundry Filter In Roll


Molten metal filter fiberglass fabric mesh filter is specially developed and used for filtration, turbulence reduction and flow distribution improvement of non‐ferrous alloys especially the molten aluminum. The foundry filter is weaved from E-glass fiberglass yarn with resin coating.Rigid and with brown color or black color (smokeless treated).


Users can cut the cloth foundry filter it into any sizes freely and this bings much more flexibility, for most in-mold sand castings and permanent castings filtration.


Cost effectve and easy to use molten metal filter.

Fiberglass fabric and glass fibre filter for Filtering Molten Aluminium


Molten metal filter NX-EFG

Yarn type: E-glass fiberglass

Coating: With phenolic resin coating

Working emperature: 700- 900℃

Weave type: Leno & plain

SiO2 content:  ≥58%

Width per roll: 0.93m/1.0m   ± 1cm

Length per roll: 100m/150m/200m

Hole size (Mesh opening): 0.8-3.0mm

Weight: 150-330g/m2  ± 10%

Thread per inch: Warp 5-20,Weft 5-20

Loss on ignition: ≤3%

Thickness: 0.35-0.6mm